Successful events

Our experience has repeatedly shown that the most successful events are those that invite delegates to engage, participate and feedback their experience. For our clients too, events present a significant opportunity to canvas opinion from industry peers, gather ideas and facilitate change. By having interactive response systems and sophisticated software in place that tracks audience opinions, we can help you to capitalise on the potential of your event and deliver successful outcomes.

Turning delegates into participants

The fact is that people learn more and express their opinions in an environment that actively promotes audience interaction. This holds true whether you’re organising a small meeting, an international conference or a virtual event.

Events are most successful when they are designed with a specific purpose in mind, when you understand your audience, and deliver what they need in the way that they want it. The ATS Conference team can help you pinpoint the solutions to these issues so that you can harness the various insights your audience has to offer.

We understand events

Audrey Aughey established ATS Conference in 2003, having recognised the central role of interactive technology in creating memorable, successful events. Across the ATS team, we are committed not only to providing our clients with the right interactive response solution for their event, but also to offering essential technical and strategic support in the run up to and during your event to maximise the benefits of our products and services.