The software (virtual conference/videos)

At ATS Conference, we use ARS Pro, a professional software package that takes polling and presentation integration to the highest level available. ARS Pro offers the power and flexibility of the most advanced polling features and combines them with the power of Microsoft’s PowerPoint Presentation package for a complete interactive audience presentation and data collection experience. ARS Pro works with all models of keypads listed on our website.

A very brief overview of capabilities is as follows:

  • 10 Option answers
  • 10 Groups within the audience for demographic
  • Multiple Choice Format
  • Opinion Polling
  • Ranking e.g. in order of preference
  • Demographic once asked can overlay with any other question – i.e. How overall audience feel about x, how Scottish office feel about x
  • Weighting – first choice is awarded more points than second choice answer
  • Dual Graph – ask the same question twice and compare answers
  • Preload Data from another data source and compare with audience vote

To find out more about how our leading-edge software can maximise the interactive and data collection potential of your event, please request a call-back from one of the ATS Conference team.