Mobile devices

Meetings using mobile devices can take many forms…

Delegates can use their own laptops and seamlessly join voting sessions using a login code.

Smartphone Audience Response offers single, multi-digit and text response voting with PushOne Technology. Meeting participants can vote from any smartphone, laptop, or internet connected device. No software download is required for any device, since the PushOne system is web-based. Sample compatible devices include:

  • iPhone
  • Blackberry™
  • Android
  • iPad
  • Laptop (PC or Mac)
  • iTouch with WiFi connectivity
  • Kindle with WiFi or 3G connectivity

“From intimate focus groups to international symposia for thousands, we can help you identify the interactive response systems that will turn delegates into participants.”

ATS has designed a rugged case, fitted with a lanyard, which can be used in conjunction with keypads in a hybrid scenario or as a stand-alone solution. These handhelds work on Wifi to connect to the voting system in a meeting room and support many additional features.

Conference Apps allow amends and schedule changes to be reflected, giving your delegates up-to-date information on your event. These apps offer:

  • Enhanced Interface with customisation (feature your logos and icons)
  • Conference agenda (including updates)
  • Presenters bios and slide Sets
  • Straw polls (quick surveys)
  • Enhanced details of the event (maps, travel arrangements, etc.)
  • Language interfaces
  • Social Media Feeds (Twitter etc )