Helping to keep track of your audience’s opinions

Whatever the style of your event, you will need a way of collecting the audience response. We offer a choice of easy-to-use solutions, depending on your audience, what they want and the way that they want it. Typically, your audience can vote or feedback their opinions using a handheld device, but we can also incorporate hybrid systems, mobile solutions and apps, as appropriate. All these systems have hardware to facilitate data collection. Our handheld devices predominantly work using a wireless base that communicates from the keypads to a PC. Other methods vary but usually use the internet to take the place of the hardware base station.

“We aim to deliver a worldwide, high quality, professional service at a fair price, by knowledgeable and friendly staff using easy to use and reliable equipment.”

Our solutions mean that your audience’s opinions can be tracked and collated in real time, enabling you to create an environment that actively promotes audience participation.