Handheld devices – Reply Plus

A brilliant all-rounder, this rugged keypad is ideal for larger shows and is capable of using all the ARS Pro software features. It is designed for multi-digit, ranking, pin number entry and more complex decision-making modules. About the size of a mobile phone, it is less likely to go missing as your delegates move around a venue. Polling at 200 keypads per second, it is twice as fast as its predecessor and, with more than 70,000 units worldwide, you can be assured that we can always source additional keypads for your event if our stocks are running low due to demand.

Technical spec (click to expand)

Keypad Dimensions: (133.8 mm x 54.5 mm x 26.5 mm)
Weight : 130 grams with batteries installed
Display: Two line LCD with electroluminescent backlight provides high visibility even in low light situations
Color: Three-tone (off-white, light gray, slate).
User Input: 10 numeric keys (0-9) plus feature keys
Power: Two AA alkaline batteries – keypad uses power only when transmitting and acknowledging an entered responses. Low battery is indicated on the LCD.

Handheld devices – Clikapad

Rugged, reliable and dependable, with a built in detection circuit, this compact and lightweight keypad is ideal for today’s meetings. Custom fitted with black ATS wrist lanyards, these devices are easy to collect and distribute to your delegates. The compact size will even fit in some delegate badge packs for allocation at registration, where identified voting is required. Customer lanyards can be fitted on request.

These devices can travel to Carnet countries with ease. Low shipping costs mean that you can easily provide keypads for a conference in East Asia, Canada, the US and beyond with little impact on excess baggage.

Technical spec (click to expand)

Keypad Dimensions: 99mm x46mm x 12mm
Weight : 34 grams with batteries installed
Display: Seven Segment LED display with with alpha or numeric display photo-luminescent keypad
CLiK™touch hi-duty membrane
Color: Three-tone (off-white, black, blue)
User Input: 10 numeric keys Magic* key
Power: 2 AA Cr2032 batteries